Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Why Your Family Hates You


  1. This helps me understand why my siblings haven't stood up to my MN mother -- they are ok with me being the scapegoat because that means it's not them.

    I would, however, argue that he's exaggerating about most families being broken. Slightly dysfunctional, maybe, but I sure as hell hope most aren't as dysfunctional as mine or those of the ACoNs I've come to know.

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  3. Most families have problems. Some much more than others though. Bateson's double bind theory of schizophrenia is probably wrong. Though he was right I think that any individual is influenced by groups they are part of.

  4. Agree with Judith and further....

    Wait-How many seconds in-did he really just say that? This guy who says he wants to save people from "beautiful lies?"
    He sure did.
    "Your family loves you-I'm sure they do..." um. NO. THEY DON'T. Here's a "little truth" coming your way, buddy. According to your thinking, the word "love" is an excuse for abuse and no, that's never OK under any circumstances. Adult Children have to repeatedly debunk this particular message in all it's permutations, first to themselves and later to others who ALSO believe your proffered fairy tale.

    You're exactly the reason I seriously side-eye "life coaches." Step One: Get your own life in order before you muck around in the lives and decisions of others. For millennia the human race existed without any "life coach" but the benefit of their own hard earned lived experience. Love doesn't hurt simply because IT CAN and has the privacy to do so with impunity and the tacit agreement of idiots like you. It's this often unexamined fallacious belief in the supremacy and purity of "parental love" that has remained the Get Out of Jail Free card for abusive parents and their co-enablers-like this jack ass.

    Oh FFS, please go away. Thank gawd for "delete."

  5. My parents really did "love" me in their own twisted way. Their idea of love was akin to ownership that gave them the right to control and judge every fucking thing I did or said. If and when I didn't conform to their idea of love they flicked the off switch and left me alone in the dark. When you stop feeding or speaking to a little kid, you abandon them just as surely as if you dropped them off in the middle of nowhere. Do that enough times and you've got yourself a well-trained doormat.
    That's why "fuck 'em" is the only answer.

  6. My mother and father loved me in the same way babies love diaper rash.

  7. If that is Spartan Life coach it should be noted that he is heartily endorsed by Sam Vaknin