Sunday, May 1, 2016


THIS is what happens when a narc "accidentally" stumbles upon their victim's ANONYMOUS blog, then gets outraged when they recognize their own abusive behaviour!
A genuine LOL!



  1. Projection is not just for theaters anymore!

  2. Definitely projection.

    I still remember the psycho freak out demon voices that came out of my mother when she found my blog.

  3. Yeah, LOL, can relate to that, my father apparently according to EM got in a rage when he read my last (and final) letter which was a bit like a blog ... as they aren't computer literate I sent a letter hoping (crazy I know now!) that my NF might take note and change (a leopard never changes it's spots, right). He got into such a rage about seeing his behaviour and its effect on me in black and white he tore the letter in shreds. Getting this confession out of EM was like getting blood out of a stone, I got "I don't think we received that letter ... hmm when was it ... oh the post is so slow, letters get lost" etc and then she admitted she had seen it and he had torn it into tiny pieces LOL indeed!

    1. I sent a letter too, Bee. Spend weeks carefully crafting it and my only request was that they treat me with respect.
      Got a feeling most of us have sent one of those letters!