Monday, January 9, 2017

What is "Stover"?

In other words:


  1. I thought it might have meant roasting them in a stove. But one can dream. Don't kill the dream.

  2. Yep, its about accepting reality. They are never going to change and that is not in my power. I think that is why I like posting pictures of summer or fall scenery, because that is not what it really is right now, I like the symbolism. Or when the radio plays Hawaiian music in the background as they are giving our current weather report. No matter what you do, no matter what, no hawaiian music, or beautiful fall scenery, doesn't matter, we still get a record snowstorm. That is the reality.

  3. I consider myself quitting people like people quit a job or a place and clear out. Trying is a waste of time and it's true for narcs. I burned bridges down on purpose to work against my walking back, I even told some of them in NC letters, I'm never coming back this is it. Most know I am a person of my word and once I have decided something I stick with. I admitted to myself too, I didn't even like these people, a la Tiffany Sedaris words like "family", "love", as far as they were concerned was "nothing too". Oh when I ditch narc friends I lit the match and threw it back. One was too crazy to mess with and I simply slammed the door, others I left and told them why.