Tuesday, July 4, 2017

And now, the end is near...

The malignant narcissist who, throughout his life, has routinely raged against people and events he can't control, is finally faced with
the one thing he can't bully into submission...DEATH.

He rages against betrayal by his own body and the mask of charm and civility, usually reserved for "outsiders", rots away as he verbally abuses the professionals who are there to make his final days more comfortable. Some are reduced to tears by how unpredictable and nasty the "charming old man" they used to know has become.

I've always been fortunate enough to have my truth validated by my true family and close friends, but nothing quite beats the validation of objective professionals.


  1. Not quite the same, but I recently got to see my narcissistic soon to be ex husband with his mask off. He was so condescending and rude to everyone in the room. And my lawyer said to me after: "He's an arrogant prick! I don't like him. What did you see in that guy?"

    So I get that validation feeling. I don't think his own lawyers cares much for him either.

  2. PS I'd rather if you don't post my comment in case my STBX might see it. But I wanted you to know I can relate.

  3. Don't give him a bible. He'll be searching for a loop hole.