Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Lessons (RE)Learned

So, the major players in my NFOO are identified NF, EM, and the NGC. My abusive older brother, a chip off the old block, was killed in a car accident. For safety reasons, I was full-on NC with him when he died. I'm fortunate to have a very close "brother-sister" relationship with one member of my extended family and, of course, I have the love and support of my daughter, along with several long time friends. I owe both Q and Tundra Woman special thanks for throwing me a rope and, almost literally, hauling me back outta the Rabbit Hole.

My "relapse" reinforced the following truths about MY narcissists:
  • There is NO "right thing" to say or do that will make my narcissistic parents love me. They are incapable of love.
  • My narcissists will never, ever change and why should they? They're perfect.
  • Reasoning with them or proving them wrong is a waste of breath. They're superior beings who are always right.
  • They don't mellow with age. They get worse...WAY worse! Aging is the ultimate insult to a narcissist's massive ego.
  • Lacking a conscience, they think nothing of pitting their own children against each other, and enjoying the spectacle as it unfolds.
  • Empathy is a foreign concept to them. They don't care if my feelings are hurt, in fact, if NF can reduce me to tears it delights him.
  • If they're screaming in my face, I should resist responding in kind because they love it.
  • Even though I'm physically handicapped, there will be no assistance or sympathy. Whatever challenges I have they have ten times worse. (NF does love that I can park in a handicapped spot but never acknowledges how I got that privilege.)
  • I must never joke with my narcissists. They are the only ones who are allowed to make jokes and they're usually at someone's expense.
  • Never repeat the mistake of asking my narcissists for help! I was put on earth to serve my NFOO and it doesn't work both ways.
  • Gaslighting is their weapon of choice for convincing me they're not crazy, I am! Thirty years in and out of therapy have taught me otherwise.
  • Remember to double check everything they say. Lying comes as easily as breathing to my narcissists, especially when they're trying to hoover me back into Crazyland.
  • Finally, my newest lesson: NF and NGC not only need victims, they need  an enabler. In many ways an enabler is more dangerous than a narcissist. Narcissists are generally incapable of hiding what they are, while their enablers operate in the shadows and can be hard to spot.
So, how can I defend myself against my NFOO?
As I have just relearned the hard way,
there's only one sure-fire weapon at my disposal:

"No Contact is THE END.  You have already wasted your entire life trying everything possible to have a nice peaceful relationship, and nothing worked.  That's why you reached this crossroads.  There is nothing left to try.   It’s OVER. It's time to put a period on it, walk away, and never look back.  Time to finally live your life.  Time to do what you must to protect yourself and your loved ones from evil people who would do you harm.  If you break No Contact, you will only be sucked back in.  If you keep No Contact, you will live your life in peace, freedom, and safety.  And after it's all over, I leave it up to you whether you go to the funeral or not.  If you have moved on with your life and left the past in the past, you won't feel the need to."

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  1. Thanks for the shout out but remember, you're the one that pulled yourself out ;)