Thursday, August 27, 2015

Call Back Message

Less than a week after repeatedly calling me a liar and accusing me of falsifying Powers of Attorney in order to steal his money, I let a pathetic "call back message" from my narcissistic father go to voice mail.

In a quivering voice NF recounted a call from the nursing home doctor telling him that my mother was very close to the end. He suggested that, I drive down, pick up both him and my NGC brother, so "the three of us could go as a family to say goodbye". It was as if his hurtful rage had never taken place.

I wavered, still wanting to do the right thing by my mother, and contemplated visiting her by myself. Thankfully, before leaving, I called the nursing station on my mother's floor. Seems I'm not the only "liar" in the family. EM was actually having a good day, still considered palliative but death is not imminent. I didn't go.

Right out of the narcissist's handbook, manipulative, and often false, "call back messages" are my narcissistic parents weapon of choice for hoovering me back down the Rabbit Hole to resume my responsibilities as family caretaker.


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